Property Management



TMG provides only licensed managers, including onsite managers to our larger accounts, dedicated to ensuring your association receives constant management and attention.

As part of the great MAG Real Estate family, TMG benefits from a wide range of in-house resources, including maintenance crews, contractors, engineers, administrators, professionals, foremen and skilled workers. We can quickly send someone from our team to help our clients with pressing issues, while reducing risks and inefficiencies.


  • Routinely inspecting the property
  • Supervising maintenance activities
  • Ensuring contractor performance
  • Enforcing covenants & restrictions
  • Soliciting and evaluating bids
  • Managing projects and resolving issues
  • Security & access management 24-hour emergency service
  • Our expertise is a valuable asset in assisting the Board of Directors in maintaining your community to the highest standards while providing assistance with correspondence involving contractors, attorneys, accountants, etc.

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