Our History



Soon after being founded in 2003, TMG Management immediately acquired East Coast Management Group of South Florida to forge an even stronger property management company. TMG has since developed into one of South Florida’s most consistent property and financial management companies with constant year over year growth producing a portfolio of diverse properties and experienced, dedicated managers

In early 2017, TMG merged into the great MAG Real Estate family to propel its growth and provide unprecedented value to its clients.


TMG Management is built on a foundation of strong business process and controls with a sound work ethic centered around providing only the best customer service. All of our managers are state licensed and provide service second to none. We believe in immediate and consistent response along with constant communication to both board members and homeowners.


Our philosophy at TMG is as simple as ABC where Association, Business, and Corporation are all synonymous terms. Your Association is indeed a Business that must be run as a Corporation. And that's what we do - we take care of your business - just as if it were ours!