Licensed CAM



A Community Association Manager (CAM) is responsible for managing the business operations of condominium, cooperative, or homeowner associations. Operating associations involves many different tasks, from physical maintenance of association property and financial management of association resources, to administrative management of board activities and many more functions.


  • Overseeing and authorizing payment for association services
  • Advising and providing administrative, operational, and managerial support to the Board of Directors
  • Developing budgets, presenting and explaining financial reports
  • Soliciting and evaluating bids for services to be performed
  • Supervising and/or directing association personnel and vendors
  • Directing the enforcement of the restrictive covenants
  • Supervising the design and delivery of projects and programs
  • Soliciting, evaluating, and assisting with association insurance
  • Supervising maintenance activities and contractor performance
  • To be an effective Community Association Manager, the skills of many professions are required. Community Association Managers must understand the principles of construction, engineering, human resources, contracting, accounting, insurance, education, government relations, law, and real estate, among others.

    TMG Management only employs fully licensed CAMs who have successfully passed a background check.